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Struggling to Grow Fruit Trees? Try These Lesser Known Florida-Friendly Edible Options!

Northwest Floridians are lucky.  We get to bask in the warm sunshine at least eight months of the year, consider it cold weather when we have to break out the fleece pullover and none of us live more than a few hours’ drive to the whitest sand you ever saw.  However, those conditions have consequences.  …

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To Spray or Not To Spray; These Tools can help with Peanut Fungicide Spray Decisions.

Environmental conditions as well as field history are critical factors in developing your peanut fungicide prescription.  Photo by John Atkins. In recent years, we have heard about the benefits of early season fungicide sprays for the products Proline® and Abound®. These sprays typically occur between 20 and 40 days after planting which is more or …

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What is going on with these Okra roots?

Question of the Week. What is the problem with the roots on this dead Okra(Abelmoschus esculentus) plant? Please post your comments below. The answer will be revealed next week ! Author: Blake Thaxton – bthaxton@ufl.edu Santa Rosa County Extension Agent I, Commercial Horticulture Blake Thaxton

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