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Friday Feature: Protecting Hay Quality at Harvest

Massey Ferguson and Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA Forage Extension Specialist have teamed up to produce a video series called “A Cut Above the Rest” with tips on how to harvest high quality hay.  In the first video Dr. Hancock explains RFQ (Relative Forage Quality) scores being used to evaluate the quality of hay of various …

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Bargain Hay is No Bargain if it is Poor Quality

Bargain, poor quality hay may actually be more expensive when you factor in waste, lower intake, and nutrient deficiencies that require higher supplementation. Photo credit: Doug Mayo Everyone likes a good bargain, but when it comes to hay, low price often equates to poor quality. Because hay is often sold by the bale, the amount …

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Check Quality of Late Season Ryegrass Hay

This was a good spring for annual forages like ryegrass. This cow grazing in Washington County had an impressive supply of forage awaiting her in the next paddock over.Photo Credit: Mark Mauldin It is widely recognized that cool season annuals, like ryegrass, are the highest quality forages we produce here in NW Florida. Even though …

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Protect Beef Quality with Proper Cattle Hauling Practices

Since 1991, when the Beef Checkoff funded the first beef quality audit, the U.S. Cattle Industry has made major strides in their efforts to improve the quality of the retail beef sold to consumers.  There were quite a number of key issues that were identified and the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) cattle producer educational program …

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SE Hay Contest & Quality Hay Producer Directory

If you raise good quality hay, the Southeastern Hay Contest offers you the opportunity to document your quality, gain some recognition for your farm, and new this year, have your farm included in the Southeastern Hay Directory.  Most hay farms are frustrated by the fact they they raise quality hay, but have to sell on …

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Wet Summer Lowers Hay Quality

Recently cut hay in Washington County should be tested to determine quality Sampling freshly rolled hay. Samples will be sent off for nutrient analysis. As we all know, it was abnormally wet this summer across the Panhandle. The overabundance of moisture caused a myriad of problems and complications for our row crop producers. Additionally, the …

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Water, Water Everywhere: Children Discuss Water Quality

Salt water continues to make it into our fresh water supply. Will you conserve? I had the privilege of spending a day recently with children from Medart Elementary School for their annual Project Learning Tree (PLT).  During PLT, community representatives make presentations on nature, conservation and sustainability practices.  The 2013 theme was Wakulla Life is …

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Improving Water Quality and Bringing Back the Bayous

Those who have lived in the Panhandle area for many years will remember the days when our local bayous were places people water skied, kids learned to swim, and fishermen brought home plenty of speckled trout.  But today we see little of this.  Water quality within our bayous has declined to a point that the …

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Doing Your Part to Protect Water Quality

Carrie T. Stevenson Coastal Sustainability Agent Escambia County Extension ctsteven@ufl.edu Contrary to popular belief, stormwater runoff—not industrial discharge—is the primary source of water pollution in Florida.  During a rain, anything on the ground can be picked up, carried via water, and taken downstream to the nearest body of water.  While newer construction projects require stormwater …

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