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Monitoring for a Potential Pathogen in Florida Potato and Tomato

Fig.1. Shoots of zebra chip affected potato plants infected with Ca. Liberibacter solanacearum. Leaves on younger shoots display purpling, and older leaves are chlorotic. The leaves are also rolled. (Photos courtesy: Dr. Lia Liefting). Dr. Binoy Babu, Dr. Nicholas Dufault, Dr. Mathews Paret, and Dr. Carrie Harmon During the 2000 growing season in Texas, a …

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Researchers Seek Cure For New Watermelon Pathogen

Symptoms of a new bacterial disease on watermelon in Florida. Looking at Florida watermelons neatly stacked in a super market produce section hardly brings to mind a mystery worthy of Dashiell Hammett, but then a furtive, unknown disease invaded the state’s watermelon fields. “We began to receive calls and e-mails this spring from growers and …

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