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Timing is the key to success in gardening.  Timely weekly articles are provided to help you enjoy a successful garden and landscape.






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  • January

January 3:  The 2010 Florida plants of the year  (470KB pdf)

January 10:  Bald can be beautiful (349KB pdf)

January 17:  2010 All America Selections announced (423KB pdf)

January 24:  Cold takes its toll on landscape plants (380KB pdf)

January 31:  Growing potatoes:  America's favorite vegetable  (360KB pdf)


  • February

February 7:  Have patience with cold damaged palms (536KB pdf)

February 14:  It's time to prune the roses (477KB pdf)

February 21:  Don't be in a hurry to fertilize your lawn ( 329KB pdf)

February 28:  For a peachy good time, prune trees in the dormant season  (416KB pdf)


  • March

March 7:  Proper care may help to revitalize damaged citrus trees  (327KB pdf)

March 14:  To prune or not to prune...that is the question (319KB pdf)

March 21: Society garlic is one tough plant  (363KB pdf)

March 28:  A well-tended lawn gathers no moss (488KB pdf)


  • April

April 4:  Blueberries can work well in the traditional landscape  (325KB pdf)

April 11:  Sound the trumpets, bugleweed shines in the shade  (487KB pdf)

April 19:  Versatile vines  (475KB pdf)

April 25:  Unusual and entertaining sights found in local oak trees  (543KB pdf)


  • May

May 2:  Yellow leaves and insects pester gardenias (362KB pdf)

May 9:  Outwit and outlast the troublesome armadillo  (365KB pdf)

May 16:  Creatures that attack citrus in Northwest Florida  (356KB pdf)

May 23:  Troubleshooting tomato problems (411KB pdf)

May 30:  Got milkweed? (474KB pdf)


  • June

June 6:  Yes Virginia, with diligence you can control Virginia buttonweed  (413KB pdf)

June 13:  Heavenly hydrangeas ( 475KB pdf)

June 20:  Biological control at its best (413KB pdf)

June 27:  Harvest hints for summer vegetables (357KB pdf)


  • July


July 4:  Have more apples for the pie by practicing fruit thinning  (510KB pdf)

July 11:  Mushrooms growing on live trees may indicate a decay problem (396KB pdf)

July 18:  Make your trees the healthiest and safest in the neighborhood  (617KB pdf)

July 25:  Be sure to scout your lawn for summer pests  (376KB pdf)


  • August

August 1:  Palm production depends on viable seed (475KB pdf)

August 8:  Fall vegetable gardening, part 1: preparation (427KB pdf)

August 15:  Fall vegetables are cool to grow in Northwest Florida (379KB pdf)

August 22:  Here comes the sun--flowers (429KB pdf)

August 29:  What a knock out performer in the landscape (352KB pdf)


  • September

September 5:  Bye-bye redbays  (684KB pdf)

September 12:  Subscription service offers "Solutions for Your Life" (342KB pdf)

September 19:  Late summer leaf spots  (291KB pdf)

September 26:  Tagging event part of Monarch Madness Festival  (380KB pdf)

  • October

October 3: Improve your house's curb appeal (30KB pdf)

October 10:  Strawberries fit into the home garden (372KB pdf)

October 18:  Plan now for winter color  (474KB pdf)

October 23:  Bat plants fly into gardens (431KB pdf)

October 30: Invasion of the alien tallow tree (460KB pdf)


November 13:  Dress up your garden beds with mulch  (509 KB pdf)

November 20:  Add collards to the Thanksgiving menu  (453KB pdf)

November 27:  Beware of rattlesnake weed  (376KB pdf)


  • December


December 4:  Great gifts for the gardener  (477KB pdf)

December 11:  Decorate for the holidays with potted plants (406KB pdf)

December 18:  Garden information is available on the iPad  (354KB pdf)

December 25:  Celebrate Christmas with Clementines (484KB pdf)


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