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Timing is the key to success in gardening.  Timely weekly articles are provided to help you enjoy a successful garden and landscape.



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  • March

March 1:  Redbud tree flowers are one of the first signs of Spring (404KB pdf)

March 8:  Angelonia, the summer snapdrapon, provides reliable color to the garden (485KB pdf)

March 15:  Getting to the root of the problem (402KB pdf)

March 22:  Wait a little longer to fertilize or fix lawns (426KB pdf)

March 28:  Prune azaleas immediately after flowering (268KB pdf)


  • April

April 5:  Be Florida-friendly with your fertilizer (288KB pdf)

April 12:  Invite butterflies to your garden (265KB pdf)

April 19:  Using ground covers in the landscape (431KB pdf)

April 26:  Spice up your landscape with ornamental peppers (453KB pdf)


  • May

May 5:  Spotlight on leaf spot disease (374KB pdf)

May 10:  Mowing magic (380KB pdf)

May 17:  Dazzling, durable daylilies (407KB pdf)

May 24:  Prepare the landscape for hurricane season  (372KB pdf)

May 31:  "Bee" aware of pollination in the vegetable garden(219KB pdf)


  • June

June 7:  Black twig beetle bores into local trees (445KB pdf)

June 14:  Tips for tasty tomatoes (360KB pdf)

June: 21: New weapon in the fight against the mole cricket (383KB pdf)

June 28:  Enjoy nature's second bloom (267KB pdf)


  • July


July 5:  Using weed killers in the heat may result in damage (496KB pdf)

July 12:  It's time for houseplants to go to summer camp (32.5KB pdf)

July 19:  Dollarweed doldrums (394KB pdf)

July 26: Nandina: naughty or nice? (568KB pdf)


  • August

August 2:  Fall for tomatoes (298KB pdf)

August 9:  Be on the lookout for lawn problems during a wet summer (397KB pdf)

August 16:  What new plants are you trying this year? (682KB pdf)

August 23:  Sow some seeds for fall.  (405KB pdf)

August 30:  Spiders are partners in pest control (354KB pdf)


  • September

September 6:  Time for a "Labor Day" in the garden (308KB pdf)

September 13:  Cloudless Sulphur butterflies fly into the area (604KB pdf)

September 20:  Multiply Louisiana irises by dividing (390KB pdf)

  • October

October 4:  Fabulous fall (322KB pdf)

October 11:  Orange and black caterpillars usher in autumn (367KB pdf)

October 18:  Quick cool down could be diastrous for the landscape (448KB pdf)

October 25:  Snakes stealthily slither nearby (353KB pdf)


  • November

November 1:  Drought and salt-tolerant agaves are Florida-friendly plants  (544KB pdf)

November 8:  Mum's the word in fall color (451KB pdf)

November 15: Magnolias are gems (409KB pdf)

November 22:  Fall treatment of fire ants is effective  (660KB pdf)

November 29:  From the tree to the pie, pecans are great nuts (453KB pdf)


  • December


December 6:  Make holiday memories last by adding a living tree to your landscape (347KB pdf)

December 13:  Don't let your leaves leave home (301IB pdf)

December 20:  For a breath of spring in the depths of winter, try paperwhite narcissus (412KB pdf)

December 27:  New Year resolutions to improve your landscape in 2010 (364KB pdf)



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