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Timing is the key to success in gardening.  Timely weekly articles are provided to help you enjoy a successful garden and landscape.





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  • January

January 5:  The 2008 plants of the year (223KB pdf)

January 12: Plant a tree correctly for Arbor Day (172KB pdf)

January 19:  Don't be too quick to prune freeze-damaged plants (183KB pdf)

January 26:  2008 All-America Rose Selections winners  (185KB pdf)


March 1:  Plant Camellias for winter color (277KB pdf)

March 8: Proper pruning is an important gardening practice (289KB pdf)

March 15:  Spring citrus care (249KB pdf)

March 22:  Caring for Easter lilies (342KB pdf)

March 29:  Carpenter bees are buzzing (217KB pdf)


  • April

  April 5:  Prevent water loss with annual maintenance of automated sprinkler systems (306KB pdf)

April 12:  Remember your houseplants when spring cleaning (297KB pdf)

April 19:  Attract hummingbirds and butterflies with the bottlebrush plant (205KB pdf)

April 26:  Sand mounds abound (201KB pdf)


  • May

May 3:  Mowing correctly makes a difference (293KB pdf)

May 10:  Creating a butterfly garden(343KB pdf)

May 17:  Gardening in the shade(173KB pdf)

May 24:  Trees and powerlines(174KB pdf)

May 31:  Provide water for wildlife (303KB pdf)


  • June

June 7:  Five essential summer gardening tips (287KB pdf)

June 14:  Southern peas thrive in summer gardens (288KB pdf)

June 21: Rodents in the landscape (282KB pdf)

June 28:  How to choose the best watermelon (279KB pdf)


  • July


July 5: Keep your family safe by understanding more about tomato contamination (245KB pdf)

July 12:  A weed worse than kudzu? (319KB pdf)

July 19: Fantastic figs (400KB pdf)

July 26:  Afternoon showers can trigger diseases on St. Augustinegrass (292KB pdf)


  • August

August 2:  Late summer is a good time to plant vegetables  (302KB pdf)

August 9:  Clerodendrums provide unusual, exotic flowers (389KB pdf)

August 14:  Bugs aren't all bad(226KB pdf)

August 23:  Caterpillars and lacebugs may be stressing your azaleas  (383KB pdf)

August 30:  It's a hummingbird (354KB pdf)



September 13:  Winterize your lawn with potash, not nitrogen (343KB pdf)

September 21:  Provide passion vine if you are passionate about butterflies  (383KB pdf)

September 27:  Native plants usher in fall with colorful displays  (384KB pdf)

  • October


October 5: The dog-scaped yard (272KB pdf)

October 12:  Plan now for a green winter lawn (303KB pdf)

October 19:  Worms can turn kitchen scraps into rich compost (375KB pdf)

October 26: Scary spiders are beneficial visitors to the garden (371KB pdf)


  • November

November 2:  Plant winter annuals to add color to your landscape  (290KB pdf)

November 9:  Mexican tarragon is the marigold of the herb garden  (390KB pdf)

November 16:  Grow a salad this winter by adding lettuce to your garden (200KB pdf)

November 22:  Watch for hitchhikers when you bring plants indoors  (382KB pdf)

November 29:  Decorate for the holidays with materials from your own backyard.  (297KB pdf)


  • December


December 7:  Gifts for the gardener (403KB pdf)

December 14:  Don't store the lawn mower just yet  (311KB pdf)

December 21:  Hollies for the holidays  (379KB pdf)

December 28:  2009 New Year resolutions to improve your landscape (304KB pdf)


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