Friday's Features:  2007 Archive

Timing is the key to success in gardening.  Timely weekly articles are provided to help you enjoy a successful garden and landscape.



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  • January

January 1:  2007 Plants of the year (132KB pdf)

January 8:  Help reestablish our urban forest (131KB pdf)

January 15:  Prune grape vines for maximum yield (402KB pdf)

January 22:  Exciting new plants are named All-America Selection winners (176KB pdf)

January 29:  Check your camellias for tea scale (225KB pdf)


March 5:  Don't guess, soil test (171KB pdf)

March 12:  It's too early to fertilize the lawn (173KB pdf)

March 19:  Pesticide safety--its common sense (184KB pdf)

March 26:  Add a colorful splash to the landscape with annual flowers (172KB pdf)


  • April

April 2:  Growing herbs in the Florida garden (172KB pdf)

April 9:  Selecting disease resistant tomato plants (171KB pdf)

April 16:  Improve you lawn by using lawn fertilizers with the right numbers (176KB pdf)

April 23:  Amaryllis bulbs perform well in Northwest Florida gardens (199KB pdf)


  • May

April 30:  May in the garden (170KB pdf)

May 7:  Getting ahead of the drought (205KB pdf)

May 14:  Zinnias are still great flowers for sunny locations (278KB pdf)

May 21:  Prune gardenias after they bloom for fragrant flowers every year (206KB pdf)

May 28:  Knowing the type of oak you have is important as we move into hurricane season (205KB pdf)


  • June

June 4:  The new kid on the block--the new Zoysias  (203KB pdf)

June 11:  Blossom-end rot is preventable (204KB pdf)

June 18:  Solarization can help reduce nematode problems in the vegetable garden (329KB pdf)

June 25:  BEE aware of the role of pollinators (192KB pdf)


  • July


July 2:  Crape myrtle summer care (247KB pdf)

July 9:  Bahiagrass for drought-tolerant lawns (386KB pdf)

July 16:  Proper mowing height is the key to a healthy lawn (323KB pdf)

July 23:  Mimosa is an invasive tree  (235KB pdf)

July 30:  Blackberry summer care (273KB pdf)


  • August

August 6:  Mushrooms and other nuisance fungi in lawns (268KB pdf)

August 13:  Rain sensors can help you save money (317KB pdf)

August 20: Gardening in the Heat (230KB pdf)

August 27:  Dragons and damsels (196KB pdf)



October 1: Save seed for next year's crop  (172KB pdf)

October 8:  Create a waystation to help the monarch butterfly (362KB pdf)

October 15:  Apply fungicides to prevent large patch disease (239KB pdf)

October 22:  Cassia shrubs bring fall color to the landscape (409KB pdf)

October29:  Tiny insect can damage sago palms (273 KB pdf)


  • November

November 5:  Muhly grass puts on a show during the fall (300KB pdf)

November 12:  Nothing says fall like a garden full of mums (286KB pdf)

November 19:  Seasoned, dense wood is the best to burn (172KB pdf)

November 24:  Add fruit to the landscape with Oriental persimmons (204KB pdf)


  • December


December 1: Cold protection for citrus (172KB pdf)

December 8:  It's a bumper year for acorns (171KB pdf)

December 15:  Harvesting cool season vegetables (170KB pdf)

December 22:  Thorny pyracantha ablaze with colorful berries (302KB pdf)

December 29:  New Year resolutions to improve your landscape (172KB pdf)



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