Farm Fueled Friday! 7/20

What a week this has been!  And now to finally reach Farm Fueled Friday!  I feel as it has been a Farm Fueled week in Santa Rosa County.  Santa Rosa County had its 46th Annual Farm Tour on Thursday.  It was a great event celebrating agriculture and the people involved in agriculture.  This week’s blog …

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Farm Fueled Friday 7/13

As our country continues to search for economic stability there are numerous questions that face agriculture in the United States as well as in the Florida panhandle.  There are the standard questions about fuel cost, labor, and new federal and state regulations.  Another question and growing concern looming in the background is the aging population …

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Farm Fueled Friday 7/6

Farm Fueled Friday comes again with a great week of Independence!  July 4th our great nation celebrated her 236th birthday.  The United States from the very start was a nation of farmers.  As we have grown our farming population has reduced in size by a substantial amount.  Technology has allowed this, as our farmers have become …

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Water Why’s resources

Watering Your Florida Lawn How to Calibrate Your Sprinkler System Energy Efficient Homes: The Irrigation System Retrofitting a Traditional In-ground Sprinkler Irrigation System for Microirrigation of Landscape Plants Residential Irrigation System Rainfall Shutoff Devices Florida Friendly Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources by the Green Industries

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Farm Fueled Friday 6/15

It’s a great Farm Fueled Friday once again!  Growing season is in full swing and our local Santa Rosa County farmers are hard at work every day in the field to provide a quality fresh local crop.  I am sure everyone across the country has seen the unprecedented amount of rain Northwest Florida has received …

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Farm Fueled Friday 6/1: Good Bug/Bad Bug

It’s Friday!  We have reached June, and it has been a hot week.  Santa Rosa County has reached a high of at least 90 degrees every day this week.  We have had some rain at the end of the week to help our farmers irrigate their crops.  Even in the hot temperatures our great farmers …

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Farm Fueled Friday 5/25

It’s Friday!  Another week has passed and our small farms continue to scramble to keep up with the growing season.  This Farm Fueled Friday is the last one before the annual celebration of Memorial Day to remember the great men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Our small farms honor …

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Farm Fueled Friday 5/18

It’s Friday!  As many of you wind your work week down and begin to think about the possibilities of visiting the beach, cooking out in the backyard, and enjoying the great outdoors, our Santa Rosa County farmers continue to produce fresh fruits and vegetables for all of us to enjoy.  For this first week of Farm Fueled …

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Farm Fueled Friday

Welcome to the Farm Fueled Friday blog!  This is the place to find out what is, and what will be going on in food production in Santa Rosa County.  A multitude of things can and will be discussed about food crops and those who grow them.  I will strive to provide an entertaining look into …

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Palm Care Tips for the Green Industry!

Every landscape manager, especially on the gulf coast, wants to add the tropical feel to their landscape.  The chief way to achieve this is by incorporating Palms and other tropical plants to their surroundings.  Like with any other plant as a landscape installation or maintenance professional, one would like to care for it properly.  The …

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