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‘Easter Egg’ is an eggplant that will amaze the kids

High in fiber, low in calories and cholesterol free, the eggplant is a great edible to add to the summer garden. Although we think of eggplant as a vegetable, botanically it is a fruit. In Northwest Florida, our long hot growing season is perfect for the eggplant. One of the most common problems encountered in …

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March “mole cricket” madness

Eighteen and counting! Over the last few evenings, eighteen tawny mole crickets were captured in my backyard using a soap-flushing technique. Mole crickets are very lively this year and reports of activity are coming in earlier than normal. Even though their presence is alarming, it’s still not the time of year to treat for these …

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Heirloom or hybrid tomatoes, which to choose?

Tomatoes are a favorite of backyard gardeners. Fresh-grown tomatoes are packed with flavor and nutrition. Due to their popularity, many different types of tomatoes have been developed and selected over time. Choosing the best type for your individual growing situation will increase your chance of enjoying a mouth-watering tomato sandwich on a hot summer day. …

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