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Steak? Marinate Safely

Picturing a hot, juicy steak for July 4? Marinating can add delicious flavor but it comes with some risk. Avoid food poisoning and safely marinate by following these tips: *Use plastic or glass containers – never metal. * Keep marinated steak covered and in a refrigerator set at 40 degrees F or below. * Reserve …

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There’s A New Sweetener In Town!

Move over, sugar – you’ve got even more competition! Many Americans choose to use sugar substitutes because they add few or no calories to food and most don’t raise blood sugar levels. Recently, the FDA extensively reviewed data from 37 animal and human studies before approving a new sugar substitute called advantame. Advantame – which …

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Farmers’ Markets: Keeping it Fresh and Safe

dreamstime.com stock photo Farmers’ Markets are a great choice for buying delicious and fresh local produce. If you use your own reusable bags, here are just a few safety tips to consider: * Wash your bags often. Cloth bags can be laundered in the washing machine while plastic-lined bags need to be hand-washed with soap …

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Go Ahead – Have a Little Chocolate

Happy Valentines Day! The good news about chocolate keeps coming. Short-term studies from Harvard University suggest that chocolate might help lower blood pressure and increase insulin sensitivity. The antioxidants, especially in dark chocolate, may lower the risk of infection and cancer. Chocolate also exhibits some anti-inflammatory properties and might enhance the action of neurotransmitters (i.e. …

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SSHW Challenge begins!

photo credit: Dreamstime.com stock photo   It’s time to sign up! The Small Steps to Health and Wealth Challenge begins in Santa Rosa this Sunday, February 2. Take simple, easy steps to improve your health and/or personal finances and qualify to win some very nice prizes. Directions to access the online challenge: 1) Go to …

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Small Steps: Take the Challenge

Every January, millions of Americans resolve to get healthier and/or wealthier. With more than one-third of American adults weighing in as obese and an average national credit card debt of $15,000 per household, it’s time to put resolve into action. Small steps are the key to lasting change and there’s a new online program that …

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Small Steps to Health and Wellness

photo credit: Dreamstime.com Have you made any resolutions for the new year? UF/IFAS can help you get a running start with the Small Steps to Health and Wellness Challenge. Look for more information about the Challenge – which begins February 2 – on this page. Taking easy, small steps can help you win BIG! For …

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Thanksgiving: Getting the Family Involved

Getting ready for the big Thanksgiving meal? Make it a family affair by getting the whole family involved! Depending on their age, kids can help in a variety of ways. Young kids can held set the table, put ice in glasses, carry plated dishes to the serving area. Older kids can help with the prep …

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Have a Safe and Healthy Halloween

Are your children going Trick-or-Treating? To keep them safe healthy – make a plan for candy consumption. * Eating a good meal before parties or trick-or-treating will keep kids from filling up on Halloween treats. * Sort and check treats after kids are home. Tampering is rare but it’s safest to throw away any spoiled, unwrapped …

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Host a Canning Party!

Interested in learning to make delicious jams, jellies, pickles or salsa? Host a canning party! All you need is a few friends (4-8 people total) and space for prepping and cutting the food. Of course, party snacks don’t hurt to have on the side. Call UF/IFAS Extension Santa Rosa County at 850-623-3868 for more information.

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