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Steak? Marinate Safely

Picturing a hot, juicy steak for July 4? Marinating can add delicious flavor but it comes with some risk. Avoid food poisoning and safely marinate by following these tips: *Use plastic or glass containers – never metal. * Keep marinated steak covered and in a refrigerator set at 40 degrees F or below. * Reserve …

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Farmers’ Markets: Keeping it Fresh and Safe

dreamstime.com stock photo Farmers’ Markets are a great choice for buying delicious and fresh local produce. If you use your own reusable bags, here are just a few safety tips to consider: * Wash your bags often. Cloth bags can be laundered in the washing machine while plastic-lined bags need to be hand-washed with soap …

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The Key to Wellness

Trying to stay healthy this flu season? Washing your hands is still key! According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “your hands give germs a free ride into your body through your eyes, nose or mouth.” Because we use our hands to touch everything around us, they offer the quickest and easiest way for …

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Have a Safe and Healthy Halloween

Are your children going Trick-or-Treating? To keep them safe healthy – make a plan for candy consumption. * Eating a good meal before parties or trick-or-treating will keep kids from filling up on Halloween treats. * Sort and check treats after kids are home. Tampering is rare but it’s safest to throw away any spoiled, unwrapped …

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Host a Canning Party!

Interested in learning to make delicious jams, jellies, pickles or salsa? Host a canning party! All you need is a few friends (4-8 people total) and space for prepping and cutting the food. Of course, party snacks don’t hurt to have on the side. Call UF/IFAS Extension Santa Rosa County at 850-623-3868 for more information.

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Florida Seafood: Keeping it Safe and Delicious

Florida seafood is a key part of a healthy diet but it’s important to stick to the following USDA food safety guidelines whether you’re preparing or eating this delicious lean meat: * Whether in the store or at home, keep all cooked seafood completely separate from raw seafood. * Use soap and water to wash …

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Eat Your Fruits and Veggies – Safely!

(photo from dreamstime.com)   Eating more fruits and veggies? That’s great for your heart – and your waistline – but fresh produce can hide germs that make you sick. A little bit of preparation can help you avoid nasty foodborne illness and get the full benefits of all the vitamins, minerals and fiber found in fresh …

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New Food Safety iPhone App

Do you have an Apple® device – an iPhone® or iPod touch®? If so, you may be interested in a new application designed to help protect consumers from bad leftovers. The 4-Day Throw Away campaign educates consumers about the dangers of foodborne illnesses and the guidelines for eating, freezing or throwing away leftovers. The application …

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Vegetable Producers Round Up

Join us at the Vegetable (& other Specialty Crop) Producers Round Up! Come learn about new marketing opportunities for your specialty crop operation and interact with local Northwest Florida produce distributors. We will be teaching new pest management techniques, the latest in food safety, and how plastic mulch is mechanically laid. You will also have …

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Turkey Safety Tips: Don’t Let Foodborne Illness Ruin Your Holidays

Watch Dr. Keith Schneider, Food Safety Specialist with UF/IFAS Food Safety and Nutrition, demonstrate how to safely prepare your holiday turkey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9Z6QU51t_Y.

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