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Steak? Marinate Safely

grilling meat (800x511)Picturing a hot, juicy steak for July 4? Marinating can add delicious flavor but it comes with some risk. Avoid food poisoning and safely marinate by following these tips:

*Use plastic or glass containers – never metal.
* Keep marinated steak covered and in a
refrigerator set at 40 degrees F or below.
* Reserve some fresh marinade to add to food after
cooking. Don’t ever reuse marinade that has
touched raw meat.
* Use a food thermometer to make sure your steak
is thoroughly cooked.
* If you’re traveling with marinated meat, keep it
inside a cooler, on ice and out of sunlight.

Following just a few safety tips can ensure that you enjoy a delicious, mouth-watering steak – without suffering any ill effects!

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