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SSHW Challenge begins!

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It’s time to sign up! The Small Steps to Health and Wealth Challenge begins in Santa Rosa this Sunday, February 2. Take simple, easy steps to improve your health and/or personal finances and qualify to win some very nice prizes.

Directions to access the online challenge:
1) Go to http://njaes.rutgers.edu/sshw/ and follow the “Challenges” link.
2) Click on “SSHW Online Individual Challenge”
3) Click on “Register an Account”, set up your user name and password and download a simple one-page users’ guide about how to proceed.
4) Click on “My Account” and My Challenges” then “Enter a new Challenge”.
5) IMPORTANT: Enroll in the Challenge titled “SSHW 2014 Non-Competitive Challenge”. Your entries will be tracked based on the date(s) and the county you list (Santa Rosa). That will enter you into the local competition for prize drawings!
6) Start entering your points on Sunday.

The Challenge ends on Saturday, March 29 and the prize drawing will be held on Monday, March 31, 2014. EVERYONE who makes small changes to improve their health and/or finances is truly a winner!!

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