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Small Steps: Take the Challenge

Betty calculator compressedEvery January, millions of Americans resolve to get healthier and/or wealthier. With more than one-third of American adults weighing in as obese and an average national credit card debt of $15,000 per household, it’s time to put resolve into action. Small steps are the key to lasting change and there’s a new online program that can help. The Small Steps to Health and Wealth Challenge begins on February 2, 2014. Once you join the free challenge, you’ll find 10 daily recommended practices (5 nutrition-related and 5 finance-related) to follow for the next 8 weeks. Track your activities, collect points for each one you do each day, and qualify to win great prizes. It’s that easy!! Call 850-623-3868 or visit http://njaes.rutgers.edu/sshw/ and follow the “Challenges” link for more information.

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