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Diabetic? Quick Summer Travel Tips

Have diabetes? Don’t let it interfere with summer fun. Taking a few precautions ahead of time can ensure less stress whether you’re playing locally or hitting the road. Here are some tips from the CDC for safe summer travels:http://www.dreamstime.com/-image25069284                                                  (Photocredit: dreamstime.com)
* Don’t forget your meds – Pack twice the amount of supplies you need, in case of travel delays. Keep snacks handy in case your blood glucose drops. If you’re going far, keep time zone changes in mind so you’ll know when to take your medicine. Clearly mark your medicine, take copies of your prescriptions with you and plan ahead where you can get medical care if you need it.
* Make the drive safe – Reduce the risk of blood clots by moving around every couple of hours. Bring a few bottles of water to drink instead of soda or sweetened drinks. Pack small portions (1/4 cup) of dried fruit, nuts and seeds as snacks.
* For hassle-reduced flying – If you have an insulin pump, tell the security officer and ask for a visual inspection and full-body pat-down if you’d rather not go through the metal detector. Put all of your diabetic supplies and snacks in your carry-on luggage and keep it handy under your seat. Don’t inject air into your insulin bottle (the air on your plane will probably be pressurized).
* Stay healthy by staying aware. Know that changes in your meals, snacks, activity levels and time zones may affect your blood glucose. Stick with your regular exercise routine. Protect your feet! If you’re spending time at the pool or beach, be especially careful on hot pavement or sand.
Getting out of the everyday routine is part of the fun of taking a vacation. Just plan ahead and take a few simple precautions to make sure your vacation doesn’t “take” you!

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