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Florida Master Naturalist Freshwater Wetlands Module to be offered beginning February 28, 2013.

boiling creeklogo_wetlands_72dpiFl. Master Naturalist Freshwater Wetlands Module

Most Thursdays, Feb. 28 through April 25

Registration Closes February 22, 2013

Interested in knowing more about the plants, wildlife, and environmental issues affecting the diverse freshwater wetland ecosystems of Florida?  Want to canoe, hike, and have intelligent discussion with like-minded individuals interested in sharing their knowledge of the local area?  Then the Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP) is for you!

The mission of FMNP is to promote awareness, understanding, and respect of Florida’s natural world among Florida’s citizens and visitors.  Instructors include three UF IFAS Extension Agents in addition to local subject matter experts, who will use science-based information and interpretive techniques to prepare students to share their knowledge with others. FMNP graduates foster principles of sustainability, connectivity, and biodiversity to assist others to understand and respect Florida’s natural world as a community to which we all belong.

The link to our registration page is here: http://conference.ifas.ufl.edu/fmnp/fw13-15.htm

Cost: $225.00, which includes 40 contact hours of instruction, a comprehensive student reference workbook, and, upon completion, registration in the UF FMNP database as a Freshwater Wetlands Naturalist. A UF-IFAS certificate of achievement, embroidered FMNP patch, and FMNP Coastal lapel pin also will be provided at completion of the course.

Program: The Freshwater Wetlands Module includes classroom instruction, field trips, and practical interpretive experience related to the general ecology, habitats, vegetation types, wildlife, and conservation issues of Freshwater Wetlands in Florida, which include marshes, swamps, and permanent wetlands (lakes, rivers, and streams). In addition, the program addresses the role of society in wetlands, develops naturalist interpretation skills, and discusses environmental ethics. Educational field trips will include: Garcon Point ecosystems, Boiling Creek, ECUA Water Reclamation Facility, Bayou Marcus wetlands and the Edward Ball Nature Trail at UWF.

Target Audience: Volunteers and staff members of nature centers, preserves, sanctuaries, and other environmental education facilities, Fl. Master Gardeners, ecotourism operators, guides and anyone who has an enthusiastic interest in learning more about Florida’s environment is encouraged to participate.

For more information about the Wetlands System Module training or about the FMNP in general, contact Chris Verlinde, chrismv@ufl.edu  or log onto the official FMNP Web site at http://www.masternaturalist.ifas.ufl.edu/


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