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New Food Safety iPhone App

Do you have an Apple® device – an iPhone® or iPod touch®? If so, you may be interested in a new application designed to help protect consumers from bad leftovers. The 4-Day Throw Away campaign educates consumers about the dangers of foodborne illnesses and the guidelines for eating, freezing or throwing away leftovers. The application is especially handy for recognizing which foods need to be thrown away within a 4-day window and which foods are OK to keep for longer periods of time. It features hundreds of searchable foods along with storage recommendations, reheating instructions and information on related foodborne illnesses. The application is available for a small fee and can be searched under “Leftovers, by Rade Eccles” or “4-Day Throw Away”. You can also visit the website at http://www.4daythrowaway.org.  The app was developed through a partnership between Iowa State University Extension and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.  A similar app. from ConAgra Foods/Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is also available at no cost.

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