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Eat Mindfully for a Healthy Summer

Summer is a great time to focus on mindful eating, learning to enjoy each meal and making it easier to lose weight at the same time. Taking time to taste and savor each bite gives our mind time to register that we’ve eaten enough to satisfy our body’s needs.  That process generally takes about 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, many of us tend to hit the ground running, rushing our meals or skipping them entirely.  With just a little practice, we can reverse that trend and make mindful eating a habit for life.

Following are some quick and easy tips from WebMD’s Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP.  Try one or two – or even all six – to enhance your journey toward healthful, mindful eating.

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1)  Get into the kitchen.  People who cook tend to savor their food and make healthier choices.

2)  Use Kosher instead of iodized salt when you feel a need for the shaker.  The larger granules take longer to shake and Kosher salt has 30% less sodium.

3)  Skip the regular high-fat mayonnaise and combine 3 parts plain nonfat yogurt to 1 part reduced-fat mayo for a healthier spread that tastes just as good.  If you’re using oil or salad dressing, spray it instead of pouring from the bottle.

4) While you eat turn off the TV, don’t answer the phone or use the computer.  When you get rid of the distractions, you’ll eat more mindfully.

5) Slow down and enjoy every bite.  Sometimes it helps to use your non-dominant hand and a smaller fork and/or plate.

6)  Measure your portion size with a measuring cup (try the 1/2 cup size).  Almost everyone underestimates how much they’re really eating.

Mindful eating is one very important step on the road to health.  If you’re working toward weight loss, eating mindfully will give you a kick-start on your journey.



























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