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12th annual Seagrass Awareness Festival and Gumbo Cookoff!!!

Join us for 2 great events!!!!

What:       12th Annual Seagrass Awareness Celebration

         5th Annual GB Rotary Gumbo Cook-off!

When:        March 31, 2012
                     10:00 am until 4:00 pm

Where:       Shoreline Park South, Gulf Breeze
Across from the  Recreation center on
                       Shoreline Drive)

Contact:     Chris Verlinde 623-3868

 Seagrass Awareness is an annual family event held at Shoreline Park South in Gulf Breeze, Florida. This year, activities will include live marine life in touch tanks, “eat a seagrass bed,” make a shark tooth necklace, seining, games, fishing, marine creatures, arts and crafts, food, displays, explore a seagrass bed, boating safety, fishing, kayaking and more!

In addition, the Gulf Breeze Rotary Club will sponsor their annual Gumbo Cook-off at Shoreline Park South.  Nearly 20 teams will participate, stirring up some mouth watering gumbo for all to enjoy. Gumbo tasting tickets will cost $10.00! Music, dancing and fun will be included at the cook-off.

 Make plans now to attend this exciting day full of activities! Bring your family and friends, water, sunscreen, hat, water shoes, lawn chairs and join us for a fun filled day!

Do your part to protect seagrasses:

While boating:

  • If you run aground in a seagrass bed, turn off your engine, tilt up the engine and walk or pole your boat out of the shallow water.
  • Be safe and know water depths and locations of seagrass beds by studying navigational charts.
  • Seagrasses are usually found in shallow water and appear as dark spots on the water.  Wear polarized sunglasses (to reduce glare) to help locate these areas.
  • Always choose to use a pump-out station.
  • Stay in marked channels.

At home:

  • To reduce pollution from entering our waterways, keep a buffer of plants along your shoreline. This will also help to protect your property from erosion and slow flood waters during storm events.
  • To save money, plant native plants that don’t require lots of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Avoid seagrass beds when planning for dredging activities or pier construction.
  • Maintain septic tanks.


In your community:

  • Families and children can get out and snorkel these areas!  Many sites are easy to access from public parks.
  • Get involved with local organizations that promote nature protection.
  • Working together, we can tell other community members what we have learned about seagrasses at the seagrass awareness festival.
  • Don’t litter!


Extension Service programs are open to all people without regard to race, color, sex, age, handicap or national origin.


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