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What is 4-H

What is 4-H? 4-H is a “learn by doing” educational program for young people. The purpose of 4-H is to develop leadership, character, and good citizenship in America’s youth.


Who can be a 4-H member? Santa Rosa County 4-H is open to all youth ages 5 to 18 regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin or handicap and involves urban as well as rural youth.


How much does it cost to become a 4-H member? In the 2016-2017 4-H Year, the Florida 4-H Youth Development Program will implement an annual $20.00 membership fee for Community Club Members 4-H ages 8-18.

4-H Emblem

What is the 4-H emblem all about and what does 4-H stand for? It is a green 4-H clover with a white H on each lobe.


  • The 4-H emblem came into being in 1911, when the four leaf clover design was adopted both as a label and a badge.
  • 4-H Motto: To Make The Best Better
  • 4-H Slogan: “Learn By Doing”
  • 4-H Colors: Green, which symbolizes life, growth and creativity, and white which represents purity and wholeness.
  • 4-H Pledge: The Pledge reminds 4-H’ers of the goals they share. It is normally recited after the pledge of allegiance before every 4-H club meeting, and before many 4-H events. The words of the pledge are as follows:

The 4-H Pledge:

“I Pledge

my HEAD to clearer thinking,

my HEART to greater loyalty,

my HANDS to larger service,

and my HEALTH to better living,

for my club, my community, my country, and my world.”


When are the fairs? 

Pensacola Interstate fair

North Florida Fair

Santa Rosa County Fair

Advatanges of 4-H

What are the advantages of being in 4-H? 4-H offers flexible programming to meet youth needs by emphasizing skill building processes and effective outcomes through activities that promote positive values, social responsibility, and lifelong learning. Young people involved in 4-H have the opportunity to:

  • Develop as an individual
  • Learn life skills related to projects
  • Make new friends
  • Work with adult volunteers
  • Develop pride as they learn by doing
  • Develop leadership skills, including the ability to speak before a group
  • Explore projects that may lead to future careers

General 4-H Information

Where can I find general information about 4-H? is the national 4-H website and has all the latest information about the program and national projects and events. provides information about the Florida 4-H program. You can check out information about state wide events, review our 4-H project book areas, and discover much more about our great program! is a fantastic website where you can learn about 4-H, share tips and ideas, and apply what you have learned. It has wonderful promotional material along with tons of other helpful tools.

Cool 4-H stuff!

Where can I find 4-H t-shirts, jackets, belt buckles, bags, etc? At the 4-H Mall! The online 4-H Mall has just about anything you could imagine with a 4-H clover on it. Pens, pencils, t-shirts, hats, jackets, bags, and so much more.

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